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A Single-Minded Approach to Cooking and Connecting with Others


Female Solo Cook using following an internet recipe

If you call yourself unmarried, independent or “sorta” single, you join the company of many hungry Americans–around 50 million! Whether you live alone or share your digs, you likely have a kitchen, and at one time or another you probably cook a meal for yourself–even if you don’t know how to cook.  But like many people, you may use excuses for not cooking.

Ask yourself which excuses apply to you:

a.) I don’t cook much if it’s just for me

b.) I dislike all the extra food waste

c.) Recipes I like feed a whole family

d.) I don’t have a lot of space or time to spend cooking and cleaning up

e.) All of the above

If you answered “e,” you are not alone!  Many solo dwellers share similar grumbles. Cooking for one may sound lonely to some but prepping a meal for yourself is moving beyond the days of bringing home takeout or eating from a microwave meal over the sink.

Why cook for yourself?

The easy answer is you are worth the effort! The longer answer is best summed up this way:

  • Cooking is healthier than takeout
  • Cooking gives you more control over ingredients
  • Cooking is cheaper than eating out
  • Cooking is a great way to decompress

It can feel frustrating to attempt cooking when faced with recipe sites that gear their efforts toward families rather than the solo cook.  Using tools on these sites such as “adjust the serving size” doesn’t always work well either for many popular recipes.

Cook with Company!

Our focus is on the solo cook; however, a recipe site made up of a community of solo cooks is the perfect way to share a meal with other like-minded people.  Exchanging cooking tips, quick or easy recipes and ideas for cooking in smaller quantities are our motivation for people that may not cook much–or even at all–to the hobby cook. Engaging with members from your own region or with similar eating styles is made easy and fun with us!

If you haven’t joined yet, consider signing up today and enjoy the benefits of cooking with the company of friends.

New to Cooking?

Try this super quick and easy 5 ingredient Pad Thai for One

Quick Pad Thai for One

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The Hey Good Cookin' Kitchen has become a place of food inspiration and savory discovery to share with our cookin' singles community. We search out new recipes or sometimes just adapt familiar ones to test, taste, photograph and share in the triumphs and mishaps of creating new dishes.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game


Couple cheering at outdoor sport event

Truth be told, sporting events are not my first go-to for a date night.  I’m not very good at anything requiring the skill of a kick, run, punt, shoot or throw, so I am equally untasked at being a good spectator. So, it becomes a bit of a dilemma when your date is into sports.

@oregonwingnut and I joke about the fact that we were always “last chosen” for team sports starting in recess and then in school Phys Ed. Being the last kid picked makes you quickly appreciate your other talents.

Second confession: I tell myself empty calories don’t exist at sport events. Admittedly, I love the buttery salted popcorn and the the soft pretzels washed down with a cold beer…and, maybe a few of those red vines thrown into the mix. I suppose they also serve as a distraction from the game since I really don’t know what is going on anyway.

So, when the question of “why don’t we go to a game” is asked, I quickly find a compromise.  Why not mix cheering on a friend, family member or co-worker playing in a local softball league with some awesome homemade snacks? Cooking and cheering I can do pretty well. Thanks to one of the members, I now have this tasty Truffle Popcorn for my next date night at the softball field–surely a home run!

Truffle Popcorn



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My dogs consider me the "greatest chef of all time"...I am lover of all foods vegetarian and advocate for growing your own veggies--no matter the size! I am one of the Co-founders of Hey Good Cookin' and a believer in cooking for yourself because everyone deserves it!

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TYT–Treat Yourself Tuesday



A woman is listening to music while coloring for relaxation

Welcome to our Treat Yourself Tuesday Series!  When we decided to do a series on pampering yourself we wanted something more than just hair, nails and bubble baths.  DIY spa days are so overdone and look like more work than just going to the spa.

At Hey Good Cookin’, we want our self pampering to be a little less traditional and just maybe a little more fun.  We’re kicking off our Treat Yourself Tuesday with the ultimate in relaxation, at least it was when you were a kid…coloring and Kool-Aid. 

Wait! Keep reading… 

Remember the feeling of cuddling up with a coloring book and falling into a peaceful, Zen-like trance.  Coloring doesn’t just have to be child’s play.  If fact, it can be a spiritual and centering activity.

Here are a few of our coloring and Kool-Aid recommendations:

Mandala Coloring

The origin of the word mandala derives from Sanskit meaning “circle.”  Mandalas are made up of a concentric structure and symbolize harmony and unity.  They can be used to aid in meditation and as a spiritual tool for creating a sacred space.  Invest in a mandala coloring book or print off some sheets and get started. 

The Zentangle Method

If you are a doodler this is your ticket to a creative, relaxing way to create beautiful images.  The best part is it’s easy!  According to their website, The Zentangle Method “increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being.”

Coloring Book

If you’re a coloring book purist and not wanting to explore yourself too deeply, by all means, grab any old coloring book and just color!  Invite some friends over and make it a party.

Kool-Aid, or our adult version of it has the same qualities you loved as a kid…a bit sweet, pretty and oh so yummy.  You might also know it by it’s adult name, Sangria.