Display of snacks for a memorable Superbowl


Super Bowl Sunday is ranked only below Thanksgiving as the eat-all-you-can-with-no-guilt day. In fact, when New Year’s resolutions are created that include curbing the carbs, this day is the one exclusion.

It has always been an eventful game with popcorn or chips and dip and beer, and now has become an excuse to light up the BBQ’s and load up on the potluck dishes. The game is great, the commercials fun, the company delightful, but it’s the food that is always memorable to many.

That’s probably because there are websites dedicated to planning the perfect Super Bowl party, and the menus are amazing. So, what shifted? Super Bowl Sunday became marketing magic as food vendors figured out ways to take a favorite pastime and make it an annual event. The usual snacks turned into fun and clever dishes… the Super Bowl party would never be the same.

So, how can you create the perfect Super Bowl Party? Here are five simple ways to ensure that your event is a blast:

1.     Create a food theme. Consider dishes or snacks that are among favorites in the great city of New Orleans or in the cities connected to the teams playing: Baltimore and San Francisco. Send a recipe to each guest coming to make as their “potluck” dish. Next, rock your party with these awesome margaritas, but take the keys away and hand them to the designated drivers. Police will be out in full force on Feb 3rd!

2.    Create drinking games around a popular word or frequent mention during the Super Bowl. Even if your choice of beverage is a diet pop, it’s still fun to take a swallow every time someone says “personal foul” or “flag on the play.”  With two opposing coaches who happen to be brothers, we may also hear “Harbaugh” A LOT!

3.    Play “pass the buck.” Start with a dollar in a cup and each time there is a play, pass the cup to another guest who then adds another dollar. Continue to do this until a touchdown is made. The last person holding the cup for the touchdown gets all the bucks!

4.     Ask your guests to dress up in the colors that correspond with the team they are rooting for—encourage “creative enthusiasm” such as face paint and temp hair color. Have everyone vote for their favorite “fan.”

5.     Check out your local party store for pom poms and other team souvenirs to be part of the cheering fun for all your guests.

6.     Turn on the popular Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet before the big game and consider making some of these crowd pleasing recipes.

Planning or attending a Super Bowl Party? Share your plans and recipe ideas with us.

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