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If you call yourself unmarried, independent or “sorta” single, you join the company of many hungry Americans–around 50 million! Whether you live alone or share your digs, you likely have a kitchen, and at one time or another you probably cook a meal for yourself–even if you don’t know how to cook.  But like many people, you may use excuses for not cooking.

Ask yourself which excuses apply to you:

a.) I don’t cook much if it’s just for me

b.) I dislike all the extra food waste

c.) Recipes I like feed a whole family

d.) I don’t have a lot of space or time to spend cooking and cleaning up

e.) All of the above

If you answered “e,” you are not alone!  Many solo dwellers share similar grumbles. Cooking for one may sound lonely to some but prepping a meal for yourself is moving beyond the days of bringing home takeout or eating from a microwave meal over the sink.

Why cook for yourself?

The easy answer is you are worth the effort! The longer answer is best summed up this way:

  • Cooking is healthier than takeout
  • Cooking gives you more control over ingredients
  • Cooking is cheaper than eating out
  • Cooking is a great way to decompress

It can feel frustrating to attempt cooking when faced with recipe sites that gear their efforts toward families rather than the solo cook.  Using tools on these sites such as “adjust the serving size” doesn’t always work well either for many popular recipes.

Cook with Company!

Our focus is on the solo cook; however, a recipe site made up of a community of solo cooks is the perfect way to share a meal with other like-minded people.  Exchanging cooking tips, quick or easy recipes and ideas for cooking in smaller quantities are our motivation for people that may not cook much–or even at all–to the hobby cook. Engaging with members from your own region or with similar eating styles is made easy and fun with us!

If you haven’t joined yet, consider signing up today and enjoy the benefits of cooking with the company of friends.

New to Cooking?

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