About Us

Back in the 90’s and before the popularity of the internet and personal home computers lived two good friends with an idea and a lot of big dreams.

That would be us:

We had decided to create a book about cooking bachelors and their recipes as well as their thoughts on life and love.

That would be this book:

The concept was to offer women a chance to write to their favorite bachelor—a kind of cooking meets dating book.

Being single and concerned with how to cook really didn’t register at that time.  Don’t get us wrong, we enjoyed a great meal but learning to cook wasn’t a big priority for us.  We were mostly interested in addressing the issue of helping single ladies and men become “un-single”.

So, 15 years or so later, and no longer content with a dinner of something thrown  on a tortilla and microwaved for 30 seconds, we developed a more refined palate and interest in cooking for ourselves and others.  Reflecting back on Good Cookin’ Bachelors, we decided that singles needed a platform in the cooking world and so Hey Good Cookin’ was born, a place where singles cook and connect.

The popularity of cooking shows and websites, gourmet food trucks and such has exploded with recipes and photos for every variety of cuisine or fusion thereof, but rarely showing us how to enjoy these when cooking for one or two.

So, we are calling upon all single men and women who enjoy cooking and connecting in the virtual company of others.   Whether you’d like to offer cooking tips, share recipes and cooking videos or join in on group discussions, this is your platform.

Happy Cookin’!