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My eyes happened to catch the title of an online article the other day: ”10 Foods That Can Make You Stink”. The title of the story seemed a bit off-putting for me but I decided it couldn’t hurt to give the information some of my time. After all, a bit more knowledge couldn’t hurt before planning my next date night menu.

I already knew about the obvious offenders, my normal cooking staples, onion and garlic. But, I was curious to check out this top 10 list to see if there were foods that might have surprised me.
As I read more, it became clear: you are what you eat. Or, to be more specific, you smell how you eat.

So, here was the setup. Someone is sitting on a bus and notices an offensive odor. The person aware of the invading odor (like rotten eggs) moves away but the scent follows. The person then realizes he/she must be the source. My first thought was “YIKES” that would be some kind of revelation!

Admittedly, I felt a bit hesitant about sharing what I learned, but knowing that we are all vulnerable to the gastric linger of certain foods, I felt an obligation to “air” out this topic.

Undoubtedly, you’d like to walk away from a meal with your date with only the residual of some fullness. Odor aside, the only foods that caused me concern were those that left a visible trail, like kale or spinach As sure as Murphy’s Law is real, I was guaranteed some green between the teeth. I have had the pleasure of this embarrassment on more than one occasion. Believe me, it’s even worse when no one tells you!

So, without further wait…

Among some of the more aromatic producing offenders to be aware of include:

• red meats,
• dairy,
• broccoli,
• cabbage,
• asparagus
• cumin and curry.
• onion and garlic

Since these are pretty commonly used foods, what are your options?
Because onion and garlic are long time dispellers in your body, cook them down and use them modestly.

Some pungent spices tend to be the gifts that keep on giving, so try any of the sweeter spices such as cardamom, ginger and cinnamon.

Other good food choices include spinach which is a great refresher instead of your cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cabbage, etc) and roasted bell pepper instead of asparagus. Fruits, poultry, and pastas are also excellent choices to include.  I personally love cooking with eggplant!  Check out my recipe for my eggplant parmesan…perfect with a glass of Chianti.

So, next time you prepare a meal for that special someone, you’ll know how keep the “whiff’n” only in your cookin’!

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