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It happens every year.  No matter how much thought and planning we put into our Christmas list, there will be those friends or family members that leave us stumped when it comes to holiday gift ideas.  Hey Good Cookin’ can help you make this year easier with some last minute gift ideas for the foodies on your list!

If you are one of those highly organized people who completed your shopping in July and have everything wrapped and tagged (you know who you are) add one more person to your list…you!  Treat yourself to a holiday gift.  You deserve it. It’s not self-indulgence, it’s personalized Christmas cheer.

Because we focus on the solo cook, we have come up with a short list of gift ideas that center around the kitchen—from cooking classes to the convenience of food delivery to simply sending a meal to someone.

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Monthly Food Clubs                                                                                                                 Everyone knows about jelly of the month and fruit of the month clubs such as those made popular by Harry and David. How about spicing things up with a monthly spice box!  Hey Good Cookin’ has teamed up with Raw Spice Bar to bring you spices and recipes from other countries. It’s the perfect gift for someone who wants to try food from around the world, but can’t afford an expensive vacation. Hey Good Cookin’ members will receive %50 off your first box of spices. Sign up today!

  • Raw Spice Bar. For $6 a month, you can give a family member or friend the gift of a monthly spice box.  These are a set of 3 spices, globally sourced, blended and portioned with recipes for 3 meals.  You provide the ingredients.  It’s as simple as that.

Subscription Food Delivery Services

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These services are great for the busy single who wants to cook more, but has no time to shop and/or wants to avoid food waste completely.  A number of companies are offering to deliver all you need to fix a meal that serves 2.  While these companies are pretty similar in what they offer, there are features that make them each a bit different.

  • Plated: Let’s you pick from any recipe they have which is good when buying for the picky eater or one with food sensitivities.  Each meal runs about $15 unless you join with a membership, then $12 per serving.
  • Hello Fresh: 3 meals are delivered each week with simple and quick recipes for those that are short on time but still crave fresh healthy meals.
  • Destination Dinner Kits: You add a few fresh ingredients, and DDK will provide a short cut to making authentic foods from exotic locations around the world.  Some of their gift sets come with crockery and utensils designed for the specific country’s cuisine. Dinner kits are around $30 and gifts sets about $50.

3. Cooking Class

Lori in a cooking class

There are quite a few cooking classes or cooking vacations that focus on solo cooks.  Typically you learn to prepare multiple dishes then sit down and enjoy them with the class.  It’s a great way to meet others and have fun cooking.  A great gift to give yourself or someone you know.

  • Local cooking classes for singles are popping up in many cities. The company, Hipcooks, offers classes in several major cities up and down the west coast. We have personally taken several of these classes and can tell you it’s a savory good time!
  • Looking to get away from it all? Give yourself a cooking vacation. Learn to cook abroad in Italy. Tuscookany offers a great singles cooking package of several days in a beautiful location with some dynamic staff and chefs.  Mention us and get half off of the singles supplement.

3. Make a Meal

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Who says a gift can’t be something as simple as making a meal?  Need a bit of guidance? Recipe ideas?

  • Take Them a Meal—Although this free online site is designed to help a friend in need by planning and organizing meals, it can be used in other ways.  We all have that person on our list who has everything and is difficult to shop for…how about organizing a group of friends to deliver meals for a week?  Who wouldn’t appreciate a personal gift made with love.  This site offers tested recipes and ideas for ways to send a meal.  What a great gift for someone right from your kitchen.

Still looking for more ideas?  There are lots of ways to gift yourself or someone you know with the simple act of everyday cooking.  Check out some of the quick and simple small dish recipes on Hey Good Cookin’ and if you don’t already have one, sign up for your free recipe box to store your favorites!

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