Couple cheering at outdoor sport event

Truth be told, sporting events are not my first go-to for a date night.  I’m not very good at anything requiring the skill of a kick, run, punt, shoot or throw, so I am equally untasked at being a good spectator. So, it becomes a bit of a dilemma when your date is into sports.

@oregonwingnut and I joke about the fact that we were always “last chosen” for team sports starting in recess and then in school Phys Ed. Being the last kid picked makes you quickly appreciate your other talents.

Second confession: I tell myself empty calories don’t exist at sport events. Admittedly, I love the buttery salted popcorn and the the soft pretzels washed down with a cold beer…and, maybe a few of those red vines thrown into the mix. I suppose they also serve as a distraction from the game since I really don’t know what is going on anyway.

So, when the question of “why don’t we go to a game” is asked, I quickly find a compromise.  Why not mix cheering on a friend, family member or co-worker playing in a local softball league with some awesome homemade snacks? Cooking and cheering I can do pretty well. Thanks to one of the members, I now have this tasty Truffle Popcorn for my next date night at the softball field–surely a home run!

Truffle Popcorn



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