Krista Simmons is a Culinary Travel Writer and TV Personality. When Krista is not offering her expert palate as a judge for cooking shows such as Knife Fight, Top Chef Masters, and Hell’s Kitchen she can be found working as Food Editor at or writing for national publications such as The LA Times and New York magazine. We are excited that Krista was able to take some time out of her very busy schedule to talk with us.




Hey Good Cookin’:  Krista, we understand that you are a trained chef.  Is there someone who has influenced your thoughts about food or cooking?

Krista:  Like everyone else, I grew up on Julia Child. I love her carefree, no-nonsense approach to cooking.

Hey Good Cookin’:  We love Julia, too, and share many fond memories of watching her show!  Speaking of fond kitchen memories, are there any that stick out for you?

Krista: Learning to make Bolognese with my mom. We had a little foot stool in the kitchen so I could be high enough to help her stir and add ingredients. I still love cooking with her to this day.

Hey Good Cookin’:  We can all identify with kitchen mishaps, any you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Krista: My apartment’s kitchen space is so teensy. I literally have three cupboards for all my storage, so I’m constantly playing Tetris trying to keep things contained. There are plenty of times when stuff just bursts out of the cupboards, and I burst into swear words. My neighbors must think I’m a total nut. I can’t wait to have a home with some space.

Hey Good Cookin’: I think quite a few of us can identify with limited kitchen space, you mentioned that you are not big on gadgets or “one use tools”.  Are there any tools that someone with limited kitchen space should have?

Kristin: A good knife that feels right in your hands is the most important thing a chef can own. Always keep them sharp!

Hey Good Cookin’:  Good point and great tip! Is there any other tip you could share with HGC members on cooking solo?

Kristin: You are worth cooking for! I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say they don’t cook because they’re single. If you aren’t worth it, who is? Besides, leftovers are one of the greatest gifts of cooking. I definitely suggest Joe Yonan’s book “Serve Yourself”, too. It’s a great guide for food lovers in need of help with single meal planning.

Hey Good Cookin’: Okay, so we have to ask…what is your idea of a great date night dish?

Krista: Seared rib eye with some sea salt, roasted heirloom veggies, a great glass of wine, and good company!

Hey Good Cookin’: Sounds great, Krista, and thanks for chatting with us!

We will be featuring some of Krista’s culinary travels as well as her how-to-cook videos.  Interested in a cooking vacation but traveling solo? Watch for Krista’s tips for single traveling blogs coming soon.