One bunch of raw Kale

Having just read Lori’s post on kale, my first reaction is to rally with her.  Although, I have had a couple of positive palate experiences with it.  I visited a vegan restaurant a few years ago and was served a portion of kale with my meal that tasted amazing.

I know what you are thinking…how did they do it??? 

I asked the waiter, still not believing I was eating what I always considered just a garnish for a little color on your dinner plate.

They steamed it, then sautéed it in sesame oil for a minute or so.  Delicious!

sauteed kale in a pan with sesame oil

Kale, steamed, then sautéed with sesame oil

More recently, I was at Trader Joe’s standing in line and doing my usual stare at what snacks were selected to be at the checkout line. It was an unusually long wait for T.J.’s, and I was feeling pretty hungry when a bag of Kale Nacho chips caught my eye.

This could be good… 

Kale Chips Nacho flavored from Trader Joes

Kale Chips from Trader Joes

I stood in line and decided to open a bag.  Hmmm, not much there…just a lot of air in the bag.  So, I took a few “clumps.”  Yum…cheesy.  I took a few more and then some more.  By the time I got to the counter, my bag was empty with the exception of some kale crumbs.

An empty Kale Chips bag

Empty Kale Chips bag

Yikes!  I then decided I needed to somehow justify this by complaining to the clerk that my bag somehow had very little in it.  She looked at me and said, “You know that is like 4 servings?”  Okay, really?!?  I didn’t know whether to feel insulted or just bend my piglet head down and look for the credit card as quickly as I could pay and run. (BTW, it was actually only 2 servings.)

Since my TJ discovery, I have learned to find creative ways to include kale in my everyday eating without dumping a bunch of seasoning on top.  I make this wicked green smoothie usually about 3 times a week now and add some kale.  The texture changes up a bit but the flavor stays tasty good.  One more tip, add some kale to a hot lentil soup–fantastic!

Kale lovers abound!  

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