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Act I: A flashback The year was 1996. We were two single friends with a bold idea for how to help people and find love. And let’s be honest, when we first whipped up the idea of real men from Oregon sharing their favorite recipes in our very own cookbook, the kitchen got a little heated up. 

Good Cookin' Bachelors Cookbook author image

Yup..that’s us! Rockin’ that 90’s hair, too…

Back then, you didn’t write a blog, you wrote a book to share your passions with the world. And Good Cookin’ Bachelors was just that. A fresh idea for a cookbook showcasing not only recipes – but also tips on life, love and offering a real-life opportunity to stir up some kitchen chemistry with single men from around the state.

Cover of the Good Cookin' Bachelors Cookbook

Officially a “vintage” cookbook! Concept combined dating and cooking.

Waaaay back BFF (Before Facebook Friends), connecting people via a printed cookbook meant exchanging real letters (gasp) and phone calls (on a land line)! We had a lot of fun with the project, tested some great recipes and enjoyed our own outreach project to eligible men in the Pacific Northwest. Our cookbook didn’t make the New York Times’ Bestseller list, but it taught us a lot about being creative and connecting people. We have fond memories of Good Cookin’ Bachelors and are excited to introduce you to Act II of our literary kitchen adventure.  

Act II: We’re excited to be back in the kitchen A desire to reconnect after many years spent in different directions, rekindled our passion for food sharing and match making. The digital age has created endless possibilities for sparking recipe and romance connections online. We just couldn’t resist the chance to seize this opportunity to cook up something totally fresh.  Hey Good Cookin’ is our latest creation – A unique virtual kitchen where members can exchange recipes for one or two, share anything from cooking tips to food whims and even arrange to meet up virtually in a cooking class.  

A special Invitation to Join Us Most foodies will readily confess how much we savor the chance to share great food with awesome company. It’s the best. When you join Hey Good Cookin’ you’ll enjoy recipes , engaging posts and how-to-cook videos. But most importantly, you’ll savor the new connections you make with like-minded food lovers. It’s free to join the Hey Good Cookin’ Community today!  

The Virtual Kitchen Benefits: FIND a flavor you can’t resist?  Share it with us.  Anything goes in our kitchen. We welcome time saving cooking tips, delicious desserts and marinades, and favorite recipes served up for one or two.  COMMUNICATE your feedback on recipes or cooking tips.  DISCOVER & DISCUSS food trends, cooking techniques and ideas for the solo cook!  MEET new friends. Connect and live chat with other members over your favorite culinary creations.  We’re sooooo excited to be cooking up this new community. See you in the Kitchen!

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