A Quick Guide To Storing ProduceProduce Drawer of Refrigerator
Increase Proper Food Storage and Decrease Food Waste.

If you guessed food waste to be one of the biggest complaints from singles cooks, well, you would guess right. Not surprising, it is often an excuse for not cooking with fresh ingredients or simply not cooking meals at all. Of course, with pre-packaged and portion-controlled convenience foods some people may simply not see a reason to cook for ourselves.

There are two reasons to consider ditching the convenience for fresh whole food:

1. Cost. There is a price for convenience. Even though it is not difficult to find portion controlled, pre-packaged fresh, organic food, it can add up quickly or as we like to say, it can get “spendy.” Smarter buying, smarter storage and  checking out some easy ways to use leftover ingredients will reduce waste and stretch the dollar.

2. Boredom. No one wants to eat the same dishes all the time? Pre-packaged meals can get dull after a while or lead to making poor food choice for the sake of variety.  It becomes too easy to skip cooking for yourself. 

For people lucky enough to have a Farmer’s Market most of the year, they are buying at the peak of freshness and are fortunate to have produce last even longer than those of us buying at the grocery store where produce has, dare I say, sometimes been stored for months! 

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