Woman baking cupcakes in kitchen

One day my unintentional mantra changed from deprive to thrive.  I’ll go to movies by myself and delight in it! I’ll go into a restaurant and proudly exclaim, “Table for one, please.” I’ll book a trip and travel because I can, and I will no longer wait for someone to join me. And, I will bake a whole batch of cupcakes because I want them!

For years I deprived myself of food I loved because I didn’t want to eat a big batch of enchiladas, spaghetti, or heaven forbid, cupcakes for days on end.

Then I embraced big batch cooking and my freezer. The key for me was to make sure the batch had lots of variety. Instead of making one type of cupcake, I make the batter then add different goodies to each cupcake and use different small portions of frosting or glazes.

cupcakes with berries and citrus glaze

The secret to these moist cupcakes is to add an orange syrup which soaks into the cake followed by a citrus glaze.  It’s a double burst of flavor.

cupcakes with mixed berries and citrus glaze

It’s fun to create different flavor combinations. How about raspberry and blueberry cupcakes with lemon syrup and glaze?  I took a batch to work and one of my co-workers told me she and her boyfriend don’t eat sweets, but they devoured these cupcakes!

big batch cupcakes

Looking for big batch breakfast ideas?  

Muffin Tin Pancakes just may make getting out of bed early a little easier.


It’s the same principle, different meal.  Baking one big batch loaded with variety keeps me from the daily boredom of the same old breakfast.


Peanut butter, banana and maple syrup…my all time favorite combo. The best part is I don’t get syrup all over my steering wheel when I eat breakfast in the car.


Mix and match your ingredients, bake them up, grab ‘n’ go!


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