Woman and her dog on a road trip

There are places where I just love being alone. My car is one of those places. I look forward to hitting the open road, radio blaring, snack bag perched on the passenger seat with the speedometer registering a tad over the speed limit. When it comes down to it, it’s the sense of freedom and the feeling of driving toward possibilities that I love.

For me, the car is like Vegas. What happens there is private, especially when it comes to snacking. I have a belief about snacking and traveling…calories don’t count in the car. I munch on things in my car that I never allow myself to eat in any other setting. I’m guessing many of us have the same belief.

Go ahead and indulge, but instead of grabbing a bag of chips at your neighborhood convenience store, why not make your own snacks?  Check out our favorite road trip snacks–they are quick to do yourself and healthier because you know exactly what is in it. Oh, and don’t forget snacks for your dog…who can do a road trip without a fur baby at your side?  He or She will love our banana and peanut butter treats!

1. Spicy Ranch Crackers

A plate of Spicy Ranch Crackers with a crab dip

Why go to all the trouble to make your own seasoned crackers? Because these spicy ranch crackers are no trouble at all. In fact, they’re super easy and incredibly good!

2. Balsamic Sweetened Pecans

A handful of balsamic pecans

You can pack a lot of these bad boys in a small space. Pop them in your mouth one at a time and make them last or be greedy and eat these balsamic sweetened pecans by the handfuls.

3.Trail Mix

A mix of sweet and salty trail mix

I don’t know about you, but I can’t find the perfect trail mix, so it’s easier to make my own. If I buy a pre-made mix I pick through it until all that’s left are a few shriveled raisins. Save yourself the waste and DIY.

4. Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas

Crunch, crunch, crunch. That’s what makes these roasted chickpeas so delicious. Explore using different spices and herbs and make a variety pack.

5.Vegan Banana and Nut Dog Treats

Bruno the dog tasting a Banana and Nut Dog Treat

Hitting the road with your best friend? Make sure to bring along a bag of special treats!

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