Small Houses, Tiny Nations…’little’ seems to be in fashion and we are included.  

Introducing: Small Dishes

Beginning this month, we are pleased to begin displaying recipes defined as 3 servings or less.  We are excited to be promoting a smaller way of cooking for people less interested in a lot of leftovers and more interested in reducing food waste and controlling portioned meals.

Just another recipe site?  No way!  We are uniquely focused on the solo cook with choices that go beyond the typical serves 4-6 recipes.  Because Hey Good Cookin’ members are saving tested recipes, we skip the tools that change recipe quantities and share recipes that REALLY work.

Enjoy cooking in large quantities and freezing single meals?  No problem; we’ve got you covered with batch cooking posts and recipe ideas.

We Make it Simple

Interested in finding a small dish on Hey Good Cookin’?  We have made it easy now to discover 3 servings or less recipes by stamping a banner right on the finished recipe photo.  When members save a ‘small dishes’ recipe on Hey Good Cookin’, we will add a banner to all recipes categorized as Small Dishes.

Not Yet a Member?

It’s easy and free to join our community of other like-minded cooks and begin saving new recipes shared by members. Add your own recipes and keep them all in one virtual place. Looking to connect with other members? We offer tools to find and communicate with others sharing similar food interests or geography.

Looking for a scrumptious Fall dessert?  Check out our latest recipe post: Slow Cooker Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce.  Because this is a small dish, we love to use our mini Crock Pot.  It’s the perfect size for any slow cooker meal under 3 servings. Rate this recipe when you save it to your recipe box!


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