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What to make for dinner?

The words linger in my head as if an answer might somehow appear to me by the simple act of staring blankly inside the refrigerator.  I take a quick inventory of what I have and consider my choices.  Half a jar of marinara…hmmm, Italian? I take a pass–had some pasta the night before last.  A package of Asian noodles.  Nope, had Chinese last night. As I continue with my survey of the usual food suspects in my fridge, the excuses now seem to be coming with little effort.

I am in a ‘dinner rut.’ Defined as when even the most familiar dishes lack the usual savory enticement.

My solution? Oh, I have one, but admittedly, I do sometimes default to my old standby: hot popcorn.  It’s easy, and when there is just nothing in my kitchen to create a meal or when I don’t feel like cooking, I know I always have something to eat.  I actually consider it a comfort food, as I do when I sit down to a hot bowl of soup.

Soups are my go-to for a simple and healthy meal.  I find them easy to fix and very satisfying. I prefer to enjoy soups that complement the time of year and make my choice to include whole foods in season.

Another reason to go for a soup recipe?  Ingredients for a soup base, such as canned or boxed chicken or vegetable stock and root vegetables that might include onion, carrots, celery root, and garlic, are not hard to keep on hand.

Check out a few of my favorite soups.  These are fairly easy to put together with minimal ingredients and can be ready to enjoy under an hour.

  1. Minestrone Soup

I love a good minestrone.  The spinach really adds to the veggie goodness, too. Pour over bread cubes coated with olive oil then toasted for an Italian favorite.

Minestrone Soup

2. Sweet Potato Soup

This is such a modest, sweet soup with few ingredients and is quickly prepared.  It is a soup you will want to enjoy all winter long.


3. Chicken Enchilada Soup

This soup seems to be a general favorite combining all the flavor of enchiladas in a soup base.  It takes a bit more effort then some soups, but the end result is so worth it.

Chicken Enchilada Soup

4. Lentil Soup

Prepare this in your slow cooker or stove top.  There are so many variations, but a simple soup base with carrots, onion and celery is extremely flavorful.

Lentil Soup

5. Creamy Mushroom Soup

If you are a mushroom fan like me, you will LOVE this soup!  It’s absolutely terrific and so easy to make.

Mushroom Soup


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