Happy blonde lying and having breakfast in bed at home in the bedroom

For many busy people, breakfast during the work week means juggling a piece of toast in one hand and a cup of coffee and car keys in the other. It’s about finishing the last few bites of the most important meal of the day at a stoplight.

This is what makes the contrast of weekend breakfasts so special. It’s leisure time at its finest. There’s nothing like a slow start to the day. In fact, we encourage you to have breakfast in bed. Next time you have a day free from the hectic morning rush, paddle out to the kitchen in your old, comfortable pajamas, pour yourself a steaming cup of java, grab your favorite Hey Good Cookin’ breakfast foods and head back to bed.

Cinnamon Roll


Take a handful of napkins to bed with you for these sticky cinnamon rolls!  The best part is this is a small-batch recipe, so you won’t have tempting leftovers around the house.

Microwave French Toast


A traditional plate of French toast and syrup is challenging to navigate in bed. This microwave French toast in a mug contains the messiness without giving up on flavor.

Simple Overnight Oatmeal


You had me at simple!  Plan ahead for your breakfast in bed with this simple overnight oatmeal.

Quinoa Squash Oatmeal

Pic 09 Quinoa Squash Oatmeal

Love your morning oatmeal, but craving something a little more exotic?  This quinoa squash oatmeal will hit the spot.

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