A woman is listening to music while coloring for relaxation

Welcome to our Treat Yourself Tuesday Series!  When we decided to do a series on pampering yourself we wanted something more than just hair, nails and bubble baths.  DIY spa days are so overdone and look like more work than just going to the spa.

At Hey Good Cookin’, we want our self pampering to be a little less traditional and just maybe a little more fun.  We’re kicking off our Treat Yourself Tuesday with the ultimate in relaxation, at least it was when you were a kid…coloring and Kool-Aid. 

Wait! Keep reading… 

Remember the feeling of cuddling up with a coloring book and falling into a peaceful, Zen-like trance.  Coloring doesn’t just have to be child’s play.  If fact, it can be a spiritual and centering activity.

Here are a few of our coloring and Kool-Aid recommendations:

Mandala Coloring

The origin of the word mandala derives from Sanskit meaning “circle.”  Mandalas are made up of a concentric structure and symbolize harmony and unity.  They can be used to aid in meditation and as a spiritual tool for creating a sacred space.  Invest in a mandala coloring book or print off some sheets and get started. 

The Zentangle Method

If you are a doodler this is your ticket to a creative, relaxing way to create beautiful images.  The best part is it’s easy!  According to their website, The Zentangle Method “increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being.”

Coloring Book

If you’re a coloring book purist and not wanting to explore yourself too deeply, by all means, grab any old coloring book and just color!  Invite some friends over and make it a party.

Kool-Aid, or our adult version of it has the same qualities you loved as a kid…a bit sweet, pretty and oh so yummy.  You might also know it by it’s adult name, Sangria.



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