Easy Lasagna Rollups

Love lasagna but don’t have time or interest in a whole pan of it. Consider making these rollups! Buzz Feed shows us how to make this quick and easy recipe when you just want enough for a meal or 2 to share. Watch Video

Candy Cane Milano Cookies for Christmas

Short on time but craving the taste of something sweet with the flavor peppermint? Here is a  super easy way to re-purpose the Milano Cookies into a holiday cookie that will take no time to dress up and share! Watch Video

Rocky Road Fudge

Are the holiday hectics getting you down?  Here’s your solution.  This speedy rocky road fudge can be whipped up before you can say, “Happy Holidays!”  Pack it up to take to the staff party or eat the whole pan while watching your favorite holiday movie. Watch Video

No Bake Sweet Potato Pie

Like the appeal of pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, but don’t want the bother of making both? Combine them into this no bake sweet potato pie. Use crispy cereal like Grapenuts to add a layer of crunchy texture. Watch Video

Smashed Potatoes Unlike Any Other

Learn a new twist for an old favorite. The Brothers Green Eats use the whole potato by boiling the potato skins in milk and then adding the milk to their version of mashed potatoes. They even teach how to cook potatoes and keep them from getting mushy. Watch Video

Thanksgiving Muffin Bites

Thanksgiving will be past us before we know it. Wondering what to do with the leftovers? Here is a simple recipe for little bites to share with friends or family after some Black Friday shopping or simply take to the office! Watch Video

Roasted Turkey Breast

Ready to indulge in all your favorite Thanksgiving dishes, but not ready to spend hours in the kitchen and eat days upon days of leftover?  Here’s a quick, easy and delicious option.  Dani Spies’s tips for success and step-by-step instructions will take the guess work out of roasting your Watch Video

Eating Through China’s Spicy Sichuan Province

Follow chef and food writer Krista Simmons on her culinary travels through China’s Sichuan Province exploring the local culture and cuisine.  Watch for more featured videos from Krista as she shares highlights of her travels and food discoveries using a rich descriptive narrative that will leave you hungry for more. Watch Video

Halloween Bark

Watch Lauren Nolan bring out the kid in all of us with this fun Halloween Bark!  A sweet treat just in time for all those spooktacular parties!  Follow Lauren on her blog at lakeshorelady.com Halloween Bark Recipe here:http://www.escoffieronline.com/how-to-make-halloween-bark   Watch Video

Pumpkin Spice Granola

Nothing says FALL like pumpkin spice!  Watch how easy Lauren Nolan demonstrates how to make your own pumpkin spice granola. Enjoy it with some vanilla greek yogurt or milk!  Check out Lauren’s blog at lakeshorelady.com Watch Video